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Grease Comparison

Please select a grease from each of the drop-downs to compare the available data.
If the applicable detail has the This is where it will display the ASTM test completed. image, you can hover your mouse over it to see which ASTM test was applied.

Jacobs Corporation Pro Roll Food Grade Grease is NSF certified Food Grade (H1) and Orthodox Union certified Kosher for Passover and year-round use. You can view the SDS by clicking here.

Compatible with
Jacobs Pro-Roll FG?
Product Number 125146  
Color Beige  
Texture Smooth, Tacky  
Thickener, % type Calcium Sulfonate  
Tested by ASTM D217 standards.NLGI Grade 2  
Tested by ASTM D217 standards.Worked Penetration 265-295  
Change in Pen after 100,000 strokes 23  
Tested by ASTM D1831 standards.Roll Stability, % change 3.2  
Tested by ASTM D2265 standards.Drop Point, ℉ 540  
Tested by ASTM D445 standards.Viscosity @ 40℃, cSt 180.00  
Tested by ASTM D445 standards.Viscosity @ 100℃, cSt 16.60  
Tested by ASTM D2270 standards.Viscosity Index 98  
Tested by ASTM D2596 standards.4-Ball EP Load, Kg 800  
Tested by ASTM D2509 standards.Timken OK load, lbs 65  
Tested by ASTM D1264 standards.Water washout @ 175℉, % wt 1.00  
Tested by ASTM D4048 standards.Copper Corrosion Passed  
Tested by ASTM D1743 standards.Rust Test Passed  
Food Grade? Yes