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Product Brochure Downloads
Hammer Mill Products

Download BadAx Brochure!
The Bad Ax Hammer
Our two-hole Hammer Designed for Maximum Performance
Download Blade2 Brochure!
The Blade2 Hammer
Specialized for Tub Grinding
200% more wear surface
Download Dagger Brochure!
The Dagger
Made for minimum wear and maximum destruction!
Download Dagger Haygrinding Brochure!
Our Dagger is designed with haygrinding in mind!
Download Edge Brochure!
The Edge
Higher surface area with proprietary hardfacing for increased life!
Download Edge Rendering Brochure!
Our Edge hammer is designed to get the Edge in rendering!
Download Max Brochure!
The High-Octane Max Hammer!
This thing is designed for MAXimum strength!
Download Pentagon C4 Brochure!
The Pentagon C4
For when you need an explosion of power!
Download Pentagon X2 Brochure!
The Pentagon X2
Our Mid-Range Ethanol Hammer
Download Essault Brochure!
E-Ssault Hammer
Two cutting edges makes for great capacity!
Download Ethanol Comparison Brochure!
Your guide to which ethanol hammer would work best for you!
Download Triple Threat Hardfacing Brochure!
Our Triple Threat Hardfacing
Longer life, harder hits. What's not to love?
Download our Pentagon Brochure!
Specially designed to minimize hammer sticking and maximize hammer and rod life!
Download our Profit study!
A study to discover how much Jacobs hammers can save you money!


Pellet Mill Products and Information

Download our Lightning Die Brochure!
Our Lightning Die
Download Pellet Mill Brochure!
Pellet Mill Brochure
Download Roll Shells Brochure!
Jacobs Pellet Mill Roll Shells
Download Traxstun Roll Shell Brochure!
Jacobs' Traxstun Roll Shells
Download XTR Shell Brochure!
Jacobs XTR Roll Shells
Download Dominator Shell Brochure!
Jacobs Dominator Roll Shells
Download Roll Boss Brochure!
Our Roll Boss packaging, designed to keep your roll shells safe
Download Bliss Super Seal Brochure!
Our Super Seal assemblies!
Download Bliss Bolt Brochure!
Our higher-performance Replacement bolt for Bliss mills!
Download the Lightning Die Trial results!
Our Lightning Die study in customer plants
Download Preventative Maintenance Guide!
Pellet Mill Preventative Maintenance and Best Practices manual!
Download True-Lock Brochure!
True-Lock Bearing Installation Process
Download Pellet Mill Brochure (CH)!
Our Pellet and Grinding Brochure in Chinese


Pro-Roll Food-Grade Grease

Download Pro-Roll Brochure!
Pro-Roll Food-Grade Grease Brochure
Download Pro-Roll vs. Competitor Bearing Comparison!
Our Grease Vs. the usual stuff!

View Pro-Roll NSF Certification!
Pro-Roll Food-Grade Grease NSF Certification (H1)
Download Pro-Roll SDS Safety Data Sheet
Jacobs Corporation Pro-Roll Food Grade Grease Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Specification Sheets

Download Hammer Install Guide!
Our guide for installing Jacobs hammers in your mill!
Download our Hardfacing Brochure!
Our Hardfacing styles guarantee you'll find the best fit for your needs!
Download our E-Ssault Hardfacing Brochure!
Our E-Ssault Hardfacing styles are custom designed for Ethanol mills!
Download STC Brochure!
Our Spec form for STC Hardfacing hammers
Download our Hammer Spec Form
Spec form for hammers
Download our Screens Spec Form
Spec Forms for Screens
Download Hammermill Rod Spec sheet!
Spec form for rods
Download the Die Break-In Procedure
The best way to maximize the life of your die
Download our Die Spec Form!
Spec form for Dies
Download Shells Spec Form
Spec Form for shells
Download Sprout Waldron Parts List!
Our form for Sprout-Waldron specific dies!
Download CPM Die Parts List
Our form for CPM Pellet Mill Dies, including quill gauge
Download CPM Die Parts List
Our form for CPM Pellet Mill Dies
Download our forms in Spanish
Formularios de especificación en español.
Download our forms on Reworking vs. Running Out Dies
Reworking vs running out dies
Reelaboración versus desgaste de dados
Reelaboración versus desgaste de dados