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Product Testimonials
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Pentagon Hammers
"The Pentagon Hammer Set we have in our Roskamp meal grinder is working very well. I'll be buying at least two more Sets of these hammers for our other machines."
- Maintenance & Reliability Leader

"Been using Pentagon X2 Holeformance for 3 weeks in Champion Mill. 60 AMPS savings so increased Feed Rate which increased throughput 8%. The Champion capacity is 65 Million and Currently Running at 70-71 Million. Easy to install and fewer spacers! We removed [Brand X] Hammers from a 2nd Mill and replaced with Pentagon X2 Holeformance to get the same savings and increased throughput."
- Maintenance Manager, December 2016

"We recently switched to Pentagon Hammers; the installer said the hammers went on so smooth, they thought something was wrong. Took 20 minutes to install 120 hammers. After a week, the hammers were inspected and there were a few sticking out. Touched them and they fell down. In the next two inspections, all hammers were down."
- Maintenance Supervisor, December 2016

"After we installed Pentagons, we saw a 50% increase in production with a finer grind."
- Jay, Major Poultry Feed Mill

"We have one more set of [Competitor] hammers to go through and then going exclusive with Pentagons. For ease of installation and performance, the Pentagons can't be beat!"
- Chris, Maintenance Manager

"Gold star for pentagons! We are getting the best grind we have ever had and are happy about that!"
- Mill Manager

"Installing a replacement Pentagon set, the first one lasted 102 weeks!"
- Rich

"It will be Jacobs from here on out! The guys said Jacobs Pentagons were by far the easiest to install and they really enjoy using them versus the others."
- Maintenance Manager

"Feed flow did increase, we were able to turn them up and get more AMPS on our ground grain elevator. Very satisfied with the Pentagon Hammers. Showed them to sister plant and he is interested in getting a set. I told him I was sold on them."
- Plant Manager

"Both mills running Pentagons. Last sets ran for about 11 months, pushing 13,000 to 14,000 ton per week. 572,000 tons of life on hammers!"
- Mill Manager

Lightning Dies
"Our [Competitor] die that has 500 hours on it isn't performing as well as the Lightning Die which Currently has 6,500 hours on it. The Lightning Die is still making pellets and the [Competitor] die is struggling. Will be switching fully to Lightning Dies in the future!"
- Feed Supervisor

"Maintenance sent the following numbers regarding 5 different feeds. Feed 1: 35% Increase in throughput Feed 2: 44% Increase in throughput Feed 3: 42% Increase in throughput Feed 4: 87% Increase in throughput Feed 5: 9% Increase in throughput. "
- International Customer, October 2016

"Had Lightning Die on for 18 months on the 30 ton mill and ran 172,278 tons through it. Want one just like it for the 7932 mill. Love them!"
- Johnny

"What Chad has told me has come true, the Lightning out performed [Competitor] and the other new dies out there hands down!"
- Craig - Mill Manager

"My operators love the Lightning Die and would kill me if I switched back. The Lightning Die solved many of our pelleting problems!"
- Scott - Plant Manager

"Very Happy with the Lightning Die and don't want to change a thing!"
- Nate, Plant Manager

"The Lightning Die has increased our production 30%+. The Die has been on for 4,000+ hours and still doing great. We added storage bins, which now was a waste of money as we have increased production and use the raw materials as fast as it comes in. I can't believe the whole industry doesn't jump to the Lightning!"
- Plant Manager

"We installed the new Lightning Die during the first week of January. It has been running great! Once again I am really impressed with this die. It has been a money saver for us and I look forward to running it as long as you keep making them!"
- Mill Manager

"The Lightning resulted in 48% decrease in energy with 19% increase in throughput. Savings $32K!"
- Ron, Mill Manager

"Dale said the Lightning Die he has on mill #2 has 600 hours on it and is still the best running mill!"
- Mill Manager

"Lightning Die has better PDI by 15%, designed right for the DDG Formulation. Very impressed with quality up and AMP draw 15% less."
- Maintenance Manager

"Very happy with Jacobs Dies! Performing better than [Competitor]. Want another die like the last one."
- Plant Manager, September 2016

"1st Die ran for 18 Months on 30 TPH mill and ran 172,278 Tons. 2nd Die installed July 7th 2015 and it is over 144,000 tons now and still going!"
- Plant Manager, April 2016

"Extremely pleased with Jacobs Dies. Currently saving 50% more tons on these dies than we were getting with a different supplier!"
- Plant Manager

"Josh said the Jacobs Die has out performed anything they have used in the past. Very pleased!"
- Maintenance

"Shawn said all parts in the mill plus Die Clamp went in great and looks amazing. The Die Clamp is better than any competitors. Wants a quote on another Die, entire assembly and rolls shells!"
- Plant Manager

"Ron said the Die works perfect! He wanted 3 tons per hour and got 5 Tons and is still achieving a better pellet. Is happy with the die and it will be Jacobs Exclusively from here on out!"
- Maintenance Manager

"Fred wants a die like the last one. Said it is the best die he has ever run!"
- Plant Manager

"Maintenance Manager said he is now a Jacobs guy as the performance of the die he has been using is getting 30% to 35% more tonnage compared to [Competitor]."
- Maintenance Manager

"Mark said been buying Jacobs Dies for 3 years with no issues for his CPM Mills."
- Plant Manager

"The hammers held up 4X longer than the previous hammers and price is great! Have now switched to Jacobs screens."
- John, Plant Manager

"I was getting 7 days out of my old supplier's hammers and I get 10 days from Jacobs' Hammers! Jacobs is my supplier now!"
- Maintenance Manager

"There is no comparison out there to the durability of Jacobs Hammers, they're amazing. Hardfacing is so good, the hammers are not wearing out. Only buying Jacobs Hammers!"
- Jim, Plant Manager

"We love your Hammers! They are more durable than the competitors, and that's why we're now using Jacobs Rod!"
- Jeff, Plant Manager

"I am impressed with Jacobs Hammers, they last a long time!"
- Quality Assurance

"The Jacobs Hammers are in the mill and outlasting the hammers we ran before!"
- Brian, Plant Manager

"Jacobs Hammers are amazing, can hardly see any wear on them!"
- Jim, Plant Manager

Essault Hammers
"Essault Hammers lasted 11 weeks compared to regular hammers lasting 6 weeks. Ordered 2 more sets. This will be the way to go on hammers from now on!"
- Plant Manager

Blade Hammers
"Blade Hammers are working good. Definitely more aggressive. They bite into the hay bale more, so the tub doesn't just keep spinning the bale. Tons/Hour also up quite a bit."
- Plant Owner

Badax Hammers
"Very pleased with Bad Ax Hammers. Mill has less vibration, first corner 250 to 260 hours, 2nd corner at 180-190 and still going"
- Plant Owner

Triple Threat Hardfacing
"The Triple Threat Hammers are working great on my Bliss Mill! Have to order another set! Got about 5.5 months out of them; I won't go anywhere else!"
- John, Plant Manager

"The Triple Threat Hammers have been working exceptionally well on our Jones Mill. I have been very impressed. We weren't getting the hours from [Competitor], and they were only lasting about 2 months. Jacobs has been running for 4 months and is still running for less money."
- Plant Manager

"The Triple Threats are living up to the talk on our Bliss Mill. [Competitor] hammers are needing replaced and Jacobs' barely looked used!"
- Maintenance Manager

Dupps Hammers
"No one has better Dupps Hammers than Jacobs! We won't be trying anyone else's after seeing the quality!"
- Plant Manager

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